Sunday, August 26, 2007

I'm cold.

I’m cold, but it feels good. Better than 95 degrees with 95 percent humidity inside an arena, 15 rows from the top with the overhead fans hitting 6-7 rows in front of us and exhaust fumes filling my lungs like I’m trying to kill myself in the garage. I love Demo Derby’s! Summer was good, short, but good. Steph and I made several big decisions like paper or plastic and Amigo’s or Amigo’s. We ate out a lot, made up for time lost and we had to, because the stove wasn’t hooked up. The stove in our new house (easy decision). Yes Yes we must love Nebraska, with the bingo nights, cruise nights and humid sticky nights. We love it much better than the ugly mountains, small fish and 65 degrees at 3:00pm. The question was raised during the drive through Alaska; what were we thinking buying a house in Nebraska. But then I cut myself and guess what? I bled red, Nebraska Red.

Canada was Canada again. 2,000 miles of Canada was Canada again. Good thing we only took two day’s huh? Like Nate Bolen says it was God’s country, but we drove through it like hell. We took turns driving, and sleeping with the dogs in the back. Usually 6 am – 10 pm this would go on. Then we would settle down in the back of the old Montero, all 5 ft. 10 inches of it. Folks, I’m 6’2”. Canada does have it good qualities, it was cool -15 degrees (Celsuis), gas was cheap – 99 cents (a Liter) and we dove very fast – 120 (kilometers per hour). But it all equals out it you know what I mean. All told 3,500 miles – 3 ½ days – No dog puke, pee or poop in the car. Good Trip.

Once we got to Alaska and it was early in the fourth day, we decided to take a new road down to Anchorage. This road cuts across the state 134 miles to Denali National Park. This road is gravel. This road is long and this road is gravel. I have ripped off the “priceless” commercial before for a laugh, but here goes again. 134 miles of Alaska backcountry – priceless. Few people – priceless. Views, oh, the views – priceless. 90 miles in and hissing sounds – not priceless, pricey and stressful. But ASE certified Mechanic James Barthelman changed the tire and finished the 43 miles in a record crawling pace, trying to not blow a tire we couldn’t replace.