Monday, September 24, 2007

Saturday, Steph, my parents, and I took a boat trip out to the Bearing Sea. Willie our guide took us out in his 16 ft. Lund boat with a 30 horse motor. It was 50 degrees out, does it look 50? We made a couple of stops and then Willie said he was taking us to the sand bar. I have been out to the ocean many times by now and have never been to the so called sand bar. In my ocean travels I have seen mud upon mud, but never any sand. Willie however proved me wrong.

The sand bar turned out to be one of the coolest things that I have seen since arriving in Kipnuk. There was in fact sand on this little sliver of an island, about 1 mile out into the ocean. The island is long maybe 4-5 miles, but only about 100 yards wide. Waves were breaking offshore and making their way to the island. There was nothing really on the island except for a birds and about 10 million starfish. They just lined the beach. It was really incredible to see. In the water was about 10 million little jellyfish. Once again, incredible to see. On a side note, once we got out of the boat Willie couldn't help himself and popped off a couple of shots at a few ducks floating offshore. Then while we were exploring, he jumped into the boat and disappeared. When we came back we couldn't see him for the longest time. Inside my inner Surviorman came out. I immediately thought about Les Stroud and Bear Gryles and what they would do in this situation. My next thought was, "Are Starfish edible?"

Finally, a parting shot once the family was back on squishy, wet ground. Note: The camera does not add 10 pounds. It was 50 degrees, excessive clothing was necessary.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Tundra Walking

Mom and Dad are here! They got here Thursday and will be staying until Monday.

My Dad took this video today as we were out picking Black Berries.


Saturday, September 01, 2007

Never know what you are going to find on a walk in the village. The other night I was out taking pictures and stumbled on this guy and his mammoth tusk. Yes, Mammoth tusk, that he found with a rake on the bottom of large shallow lake. He was doing his best paleontologist act, cleaning the thing with some sand paper. Pretty cool nonetheless and when asked how much it costs, he said "highest bidder".