Friday, January 09, 2009

One more bedtime story...then it's lights out

We have not been using the 4-wheeler is these temperatures. So we have been walking, which may be even stupider than abusing the Yamaha. Walking requires the following:
Insulated pants
800 down coat
800 down gloves
face mask
fur hat
800 down coat hood over that.
Ski goggles over all that

It also requires that I take off my glasses, because they just immediately fog up and I can't see a darn thing. So I go blurry, rather than blind.

Well Wednesday night, after basketball practice, I am walking home by myself. It is dark and I can't see to much just blurry things. Just past the store I can see there is a 4-wheeler in the road about 50-75 yards ahead of me. I am walking with the head down like usual, when it sounds like gun shots are be fired at me. Honest to goodness, guns shots. Not just a couple, but repeated for like 30 seconds. The sound is echoing off the store behind me, so I know it is in my direction. I am totally wondering in the first few shots, what it feels like to be shot. Now this is where is gets funny. There is a telephone pole in front of me. I decide that makes perfect cover. I totally turned sideways behind it and frantically dug for my glasses. I got them on and realized it was a 4-wheeler back firing. Relief, but also embarrassment. One of the look around times, did anyone notice what I just did. In hindsight, I am glad I didn't go running around in zig-zags trying not to get shot. Would have been funny though.

It turned out to be a few teacher and I helped him push the machine off the road. We had a good laugh.

Caribou are here

That's right. Flying in last week we saw about 500 maybe about 5 miles from town. They were in a long line that we could see out both sides of the plane. Since then they have been even closer. Many reports of small pods less a than a few miles away.

Eric and I went out on Tuesday after school. Got all dressed up and ready. Didn't help much. The weather was bitter, if you haven't heard. 15-20 below and wind blowing. We found the caribou, but at the moment of truth the bolt of the rifle was froze. Probably the oil, from what I have been reading. Eric had his glove off too long and the top of my nose was exposed for too long and both of us had some minor frost bite. So no caribou, but it was tons of fun nonetheless.

Steph has agreed to go with me in the morning. We'll see what we can scrounge up. Hopefully, I have some pictures of Comet or Cupid tomorrow.

Country Magazine

So...our principal Eric set me up. He came in the last month and said he had a job opportunity for me. Not knowing what to expect (could be ugly, just kidding, Eric been great) he told me of a photo taking job that needed a photographer. I don't for one second think of my self as a photographer. Seriously, seriously it is a total hobby for archiving this last 4 years and for times of total boredom. I would much rather think of my self as something to do with music, than a photographer. I'm totally not creative with music or photographer either. I am consistently jealous of my sister's or student's photos. Way better than mine.

Eric apparently disagrees with my thinking and told this editor lady that I take "amazing" pictures and she emailed me about doing a few photos for a journal that Eric is writing about living in the country. He will journal for a week and I will take a bunch of photos of Eric doing what he does, mushing, hunting, principaling, etc. Should be a lot of fun actually.

I sent the lady some pictures from the last couple of years and she replied that I was hired. Hired, I thought that was funny for some reason. She is even sending me a contract. haha. They will have rights to the photos and everything. Real official. The whole thing is totally a chance type of thing and total thanks to Eric for thinking of me. I appreciate it. Someone this Christmas said this is how careers get started. Well see about that. Would be a fun retirement though. Remeber that's only 16 years away. I better get better at this picture thing.

Music Friday

Welcome 2009. I glad you're all here. Thanks for reading.

Steph and I netflixed the Dylan movie "Other Side of the Mirror" tonight. It highlights his performances at the Newport Folk Festival from 1963-65. He starts off as a almost shy performer in 63' and it is amazing to see the transformation in just two shorts years. The film concludes the performance where Dylan goes electric. This was extremely controversial at the time. To many Dylan turned his back on the folk community and their causes. It was very cool to see that "moment". Hindsight is 20/20 of course and this moment was needed for him to evolve into a what he became, a true legend. It was just crazy to hears those boos after "Maggie's Farm" and cheers when he came back for an acoustic encore.

Here are few songs from the movie for those interested.

With God On Our Side - with Joan Baez
Only A Pawn In Their Game

Chimes of Freedom
It Ain't Me Babe - Joan Baez

Maggie's Farm - The "moment" perfect song to change to...listen to the last verse
Mr. Tambourine Man - to make them happy.

Our your own:
Research the Dylan "Judas" incident for another piece of Rock and Roll history. Youtube works nice.