Friday, January 09, 2009

One more bedtime story...then it's lights out

We have not been using the 4-wheeler is these temperatures. So we have been walking, which may be even stupider than abusing the Yamaha. Walking requires the following:
Insulated pants
800 down coat
800 down gloves
face mask
fur hat
800 down coat hood over that.
Ski goggles over all that

It also requires that I take off my glasses, because they just immediately fog up and I can't see a darn thing. So I go blurry, rather than blind.

Well Wednesday night, after basketball practice, I am walking home by myself. It is dark and I can't see to much just blurry things. Just past the store I can see there is a 4-wheeler in the road about 50-75 yards ahead of me. I am walking with the head down like usual, when it sounds like gun shots are be fired at me. Honest to goodness, guns shots. Not just a couple, but repeated for like 30 seconds. The sound is echoing off the store behind me, so I know it is in my direction. I am totally wondering in the first few shots, what it feels like to be shot. Now this is where is gets funny. There is a telephone pole in front of me. I decide that makes perfect cover. I totally turned sideways behind it and frantically dug for my glasses. I got them on and realized it was a 4-wheeler back firing. Relief, but also embarrassment. One of the look around times, did anyone notice what I just did. In hindsight, I am glad I didn't go running around in zig-zags trying not to get shot. Would have been funny though.

It turned out to be a few teacher and I helped him push the machine off the road. We had a good laugh.


  1. Anonymous3:38 AM

    thanks for the laugh. its really, really nice to be reading about life out there. for a gal who grew up in the vill, these are like chapters in a good alaskan novel...with a few punctuation and grammar errors mind you! lol. jk,. Thank you and Keep writing...for my sake. ;P
    Misty in Kuwait

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