Friday, January 09, 2009

Caribou are here

That's right. Flying in last week we saw about 500 maybe about 5 miles from town. They were in a long line that we could see out both sides of the plane. Since then they have been even closer. Many reports of small pods less a than a few miles away.

Eric and I went out on Tuesday after school. Got all dressed up and ready. Didn't help much. The weather was bitter, if you haven't heard. 15-20 below and wind blowing. We found the caribou, but at the moment of truth the bolt of the rifle was froze. Probably the oil, from what I have been reading. Eric had his glove off too long and the top of my nose was exposed for too long and both of us had some minor frost bite. So no caribou, but it was tons of fun nonetheless.

Steph has agreed to go with me in the morning. We'll see what we can scrounge up. Hopefully, I have some pictures of Comet or Cupid tomorrow.

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