Monday, July 27, 2009

School Lobby

I volunteered my painting skills last spring, in an attempt to make the lobby of the school look better. So, while the silvers are waiting to invade the river I have been taping, patching, sanding walls. Today, I finally got a chance to trim and roll. I must say the walls look sweet. Painting is like mowing lawns (which are both jobs I have held down). Things just look really good when they are done and I guess that is why I enjoy doing them.I also have aspirations to make the lobby even better with a couple of other projects. Like in Kipnuk, where we took 60 elder photographs, I would like to do the same in Quinhagak. I hope to start making rounds once the walls are totally finished. My thought is we enlarge the photos to 8x10 or something and do a little display. With the other trophy case, my hope would be to get native art donations from the village and display them in the case.

These improvements should make a big difference. I hope it will bring a sense of pride for our students. I will keep you updated with the elder photographs and art as it comes in.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Does anyone else think chocolate-chip cookies are good, but cleaning the mixer thingys is a total pain in the butt. I took a chance and washed the dishes with the bad back and all tonight. Every time I wash those things they are annoying. Cmon' Eric hook us up with dishwashers. We would be the toast of the Delta. Good recruiting tool.

1. Dishwashers
2. Hot-tub

Constantly post pictures on the District email. Awesomeness.

Back Troubles (Honeybucket Content)

Week and a half ago, after my dad took went back to Nebraska, I was under the house running cable to the second tv. Not a huge thing. Houses are on stilts anyway. I am doing the crab crawl, trying not to get dirty (just took the bi-weekly shower :-), and my back went out again. Since then the back has gone three more times. Each time worse than the previous. I get to feeling better and bam! Now don't go feeling sorry, it's my own fault moving all that rock 2 summers ago.

Now a funny situation has come up in the midst of these episodes. The honey bucket which has been filling up slowly with Steph not here and all, kind of snuck up on me and got full. I was thinking the night before the last episode that I was going to take that thing out in the morning. I got up, ate some toast, went to toss the toast I wasn't going to eat and bam!

That was yesterday morning. The honeybucket reached critical mass this morning. Luckily, JT's kid came by to check his email. In return for using the computer, he lifted the bucket out of the wooden box it is built in(a guarenteed back-breaking lift). He had a "Your messing with me look on his face" when I asked. I felt bad just asking. At least I tied the bag up. It is still sitting in the bathroom smelling, until tomorrow or the next day when hopefully I will be back at full strength.

So, I guess this is a funny story and thank you wrapped up in one. You knew I wouldn't let this gem slid. Hopefully they don't run it in the Anchorage paper. Goodnight, goodmorning, good-day, when ever you read.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Music Friday (early Sat.)

Three women get play time on the Ipod. Lucinda Williams, Lisa Hannigan, Gillian Welch. Nothing against women musicians, there are plenty of fine singers, songwriters and musicians. I just prefer men, haha. These three for some reason have squeezed in.

Gillian Welch is lucky enough to play with the fantastic, master David Rawlings. What a stud this guy is. There best effort in my opinion is the song "Caleb Meyer". A chilling, women empowering, murder ballad. Two things work on the this song.. Storyline, DR on guitar. ---Nice hair
Sidenote: Guitar is a 1935 Epiphone Olympic archtop


Not to be outdone, Lisa Hannigan just has a tremendous voice and absolutely no desire to be famous from all of this. Really, she just sings because she enjoys it. I think you can see that in this performance. Enjoy this feel good.


oh, oh, I almost forgot before publishing this thing. Zoey Deschanel. #4 women on the ipod. #1 in Steph's disdain. I don't think my wife doesn't like her music, she just doesn't like that I likey. Totally different from the other two. She and Him have an old school sound to them. You might remember Deschanel from the movie "Elf" where she sings in the shower with Will Ferrel.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Deadliest Catch

Remember this video? I think that I mentioned that later in the day the wind kicked it a up a notch.

Well, tonight I believe this was the same storm featured on Deadliest Catch. Pretty positive. I remember sending everyone at school a picture of the radar from that day and it looked just like a Gulf Coast hurricane. I cannot imagine being out in that ocean. Don't miss next weeks episode, they finish up on that storm.

I'm Back...

My dad and I made it back to Quinhagak on July 6th. We spent 10 days fishing and working on the new house. Many mornings we got up at 4:15 to hit the King spots early. Tim was our gracious guide getting us into many nice fish. Like everybody in Alaska, I have pictures for you all to enjoy. Quinhagak is sweet in July and I am very glad I came back a month early.