Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back Troubles (Honeybucket Content)

Week and a half ago, after my dad took went back to Nebraska, I was under the house running cable to the second tv. Not a huge thing. Houses are on stilts anyway. I am doing the crab crawl, trying not to get dirty (just took the bi-weekly shower :-), and my back went out again. Since then the back has gone three more times. Each time worse than the previous. I get to feeling better and bam! Now don't go feeling sorry, it's my own fault moving all that rock 2 summers ago.

Now a funny situation has come up in the midst of these episodes. The honey bucket which has been filling up slowly with Steph not here and all, kind of snuck up on me and got full. I was thinking the night before the last episode that I was going to take that thing out in the morning. I got up, ate some toast, went to toss the toast I wasn't going to eat and bam!

That was yesterday morning. The honeybucket reached critical mass this morning. Luckily, JT's kid came by to check his email. In return for using the computer, he lifted the bucket out of the wooden box it is built in(a guarenteed back-breaking lift). He had a "Your messing with me look on his face" when I asked. I felt bad just asking. At least I tied the bag up. It is still sitting in the bathroom smelling, until tomorrow or the next day when hopefully I will be back at full strength.

So, I guess this is a funny story and thank you wrapped up in one. You knew I wouldn't let this gem slid. Hopefully they don't run it in the Anchorage paper. Goodnight, goodmorning, good-day, when ever you read.

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