Monday, July 27, 2009

School Lobby

I volunteered my painting skills last spring, in an attempt to make the lobby of the school look better. So, while the silvers are waiting to invade the river I have been taping, patching, sanding walls. Today, I finally got a chance to trim and roll. I must say the walls look sweet. Painting is like mowing lawns (which are both jobs I have held down). Things just look really good when they are done and I guess that is why I enjoy doing them.I also have aspirations to make the lobby even better with a couple of other projects. Like in Kipnuk, where we took 60 elder photographs, I would like to do the same in Quinhagak. I hope to start making rounds once the walls are totally finished. My thought is we enlarge the photos to 8x10 or something and do a little display. With the other trophy case, my hope would be to get native art donations from the village and display them in the case.

These improvements should make a big difference. I hope it will bring a sense of pride for our students. I will keep you updated with the elder photographs and art as it comes in.


  1. Looks great! I'm sure the painting is very therapeutic for your back... Nice talking to ya earlier! Can't wait to be in Quinhagak! Rachel

  2. Great job! As for the pictures, they used to have pictures along the top of the wall near "IN MEMORIAM" of people who have had a significant impact on the school and the students, but your principal asked them to be taken down. Personally I liked them being up there because they gave the lobby some character and showed the faces of the people in the community who have contributed in making what the school is today.

    Former Seahawk

  3. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Jim, Thanks for painting the lobby it looks awesome!!! I think the kidos will love it as well. As for the memorial pictures, that was not the principal, but rather the ASB that decided to take them down.