Saturday, September 01, 2007

Never know what you are going to find on a walk in the village. The other night I was out taking pictures and stumbled on this guy and his mammoth tusk. Yes, Mammoth tusk, that he found with a rake on the bottom of large shallow lake. He was doing his best paleontologist act, cleaning the thing with some sand paper. Pretty cool nonetheless and when asked how much it costs, he said "highest bidder".


  1. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Jim; Offer that native 20.00 for me for his tusk(ha ha) That has to be worth a pretty penney though don't you think?


  2. Anonymous7:38 PM

    Hi Jim and Steph.

    We love to read your blog. You are on a wonderfully exciting and courageous venture. Thank you for sharing your experiences with our family. We have really learned a lot and have been entertained by your stories. We hope your school year is off to a great start.

    The Irwins

  3. Demmel5:46 AM

    I'll bid up to a thousand bucks for that thing. What millionaire wouldn't want a Mammoth tusk??

  4. Veronica Corningstone11:41 AM

    I am moving up to Alaska, I am prgenant and my work is sending me up there. They told me to bring a coat, it was cold.