Sunday, February 03, 2008

Last night I was browsing the internet and clicked on the Northern Lights link. I notice that we were experiencing an active night and that the short term forecast was also active. After checking the KP strength, I saw that it was peaking at that very moment at about 4.6. I quick got dressed and grabbed the camera and ran. Ran to the weather cone on the outside of town, far enough to get past the bright lights of a big town like Kipnuk. I set up the tri-pod and then realized that I didn't have the camera set up properly on the right settings. So I had to take off my gloves and try to figure it out in the dark. It probably took about 30-60 seconds to set up, but my hands started burning. My skin felt like rope when its frozen. It was stiff and hard to move. This may be the coldest my hands have ever felt, so cold that strangely they didn't hurt. Flash frozen, maybe? Like in the "Day After Tomorrow" when the Arctic air froze and killed everyone in New York. Anyway, once it was ready to go, I took one picture after another for about 10 minutes. The sky was moving. The camera was freezing. I had chills. It was cold.

This display was much better than the last time. It wasn't as large and bright, but it was moving like crazy and even had a different color in spots. Pretty cool, cold. But, 10 minutes was all my camera could take and it flashed no battery on a full charge. Anyway, I was cold and was having trouble getting my left eyelid to open up after a picture. I guess my breath moving up the camera was freezing my eyelids together. enjoy. jb

P.S. the Super Bowl is strange on a 20 inch TV at 2:30 in the afternoon, eating $7 dollar Doritos.


  1. Anonymous4:06 PM

    the Northern lights are wonderful on a computor screen. I am so glad you are able to experience them in person. albeit, a near frozen person.
    i go to the 1st baptist church in Kearney with your parents and they told me about this blog.
    i love it.
    My duaghter has one for her family and it is such a great way to keep all in touch with what you are doing. Keep it up.
    Linda Bond

  2. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Cold hands like,grabbing a fish out of the freezing platte in Colorado and not being able to do anything for like 10mins cold, or just really cold??