Friday, December 12, 2008

New Music

Took a week off. Got busy, but back with some tunes for you all. In fact, let's just make this Jack Johnson and Friends Hour.

In honor of us coming home.
Heading Home - Donovan Frankenreiter and Jack Johnson

In honor of Marley our beloved Husky. Got to love the Weisenborn guitar and Ben hitting the high notes.
High Tide or Low Tide - Ben Harper and Jack Johnson - (Bob Marley Cover Song)

A little Matt Costa for good measure. Sunshine just feels good. Especially when we only see it for 4 hours.
Fall Line/Sunshine - Matt Costa and Jack Johnson

Rainbow- This song has special meaning to us. See the first time we drove up here and drove back the 7,000 miles round trip, we had an issue with the registration and insurance card for the car. We couldn't find it. All the guide books said to be sure to have it traveling through Canada, especially at border crossings where they ask to see them. Being travel worn and 9 months in the Bush, we don't look necessarily look like clean Americans. More like dirty hippies. Anyway, as we worried and worried and got closer and closer, we didn't know what they would do if we couldn't produce the info. Not let us by?? Well, as we got closer to the the boarder, there is this typical mountain road with twists and turns and as you come out of it there is a vast plain with Canada straight ahead and the last look at Alaska Range. Breathtaking view from this spot and as we come out of the trees and get this look, we see this rainbow arcing in the sky. On my ipod which we listen to the entire trip on comes this song. The ipod had about 5,000 songs on it and it was on shuffle. Randomly playing songs. This song comes on. Talk about comfort, as the song said "That was God telling me, every thing's gonna be alright" and it was. They let us by with little more than a couple questions.
Rainbow - Jack Johnson and G-Love

Breaking away from Jack, we have the Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama. I have to put this on here. Gave me chills. If you don't smile at the end of this song something is wrong. Please don't stop listening until the end. Look at how the band reacts. Even if to you this music is terrible, that ending is inspirational.
Take My Hand Ben Harper and The Blind Boys of Alabama

Take Care,