Monday, October 05, 2009

Camera Trouble

This video should be about 10 minutes longer, but we have a problem. Let me explain. Last Thursday, Quinhagak was experiencing one of its nicest days of the fall. Just gorgeous. Blue skies, warm, all you could ask for. Seeing as I don't have after-school on Thursdays, I decided it was a great day to make a video for everyone. I wanted to make a cool little video of the river and a red silver salmon. So I chronicled the whole nine yards. Emptying the 4-wheeler, loading the boat, bailing the boat, starting the boat, all things boat. Things were going very smoothly. I headed up river with the camera perched on a tripod filming the river as I headed up. I got tremendous, smooth video. I caught a fish, landed the fish. Filmed some underwater footage (which is above) and headed down river. I was super stoked to show everyone. Now, I should have packed up the camera and called it a day, but I thought some video of the boat riding downriver into the sun would be pretty sweet, so I left it up. About 5 bends down the river, I don't know what happened, but the tripod starting tipping and rocking back and forth. I tried to slow down, but it was too late. The whole kit fell into to river, and sank in slow motion.

I then spent about 45 minutes trying to fish the thing out of about 6 feet of water. I tried the oar, anchor, fishing from the bank, a huge stick, nothing was getting close. The current was pretty strong and I just couldn't keep the boat, retrieval device, and tripod in the same spot. Very frustrating. I knew the camera was shot, but I really wanted the tripod/ball back, so I kept trying. Finally, I hooked one of the legs with a fishing rod. I pulled the kit up and in the meantime, broke my fishing pole. haha. All I can do now is laugh. Worst trip of the year, but I got to get back on the horse. Hopefully this weekend will be dry, for a long trip up to the mountains. No need for condolences, I'm over it, please just enjoy my misery :-)

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  1. Darn, I was hoping you would be interested in selling us your video camera for the baby...thinking only of you of were in need of a more professional model and looking to unload the old one on someone I'm sure. =)