Saturday, December 19, 2009

Never one to pass up a fecal story...I bring you yet another. Here are a couple of paparazzi shots of my neighbor, co-worker and probably former friend T-t-t-t-immy Debilt. What is he doing you ask? He is chipping 500...500 gallons of frozen crap.

Let me give you the backstory leading up to this very dirty you know this not something he does every week. About 4 weeks ago, his family, as they do about every month, filled that tank chuck full and as they do every month, called the guy in the village that hauls over a 500 crap tank on wheels with a pump to pump Tim's tank dry. Expect this time the pump truck was broken down. A part was on order. So Tim's family would have to do like the rest of us and use a honeybucket and dump dirty wash water out on the front step.

Now, if it was anyone else, we would all have felt really bad and tried to console them. But Tim has always liked to brag about his flushing toilets (he's the only teacher with a flushing toilet). Many times flushing it just so we all remember the sound.

Now, that brings us to today. 4 weeks later, many below freezing weeks later. I will admit, I do feel bad for the guy and after today I really feel bad. Because today, Tim decided to be proactive, maybe a decision he regrets. Fearing the tank was completely frozen in a huge 500 gallon ice cube. Tim got out his trusty ice chipper and starting trying to chip out chunks of flavored ice to pull out. He had boiling water ready to aide the melting process, but as it turned out water was not needed, as about 5 inches down he broke through the crust and the unimaginably happened. Like a geyser from hell, liquid sprayed out of the newly formed hole and sprayed about 10 feet up the side of the house. You can see the water spots on that first picture. To make matters much worse, Tim was at the time on that side of the tank and he was covered. I came out to check on progress, Tim was not excited as I laughed very hard. Someday, he will find humor in this story.


Tim got everything melted 2 days later just in time for the poop truck guy to come. The poop truck guy said that the part had not come yet, so he tried to fix the truck himself and it started right up. So...Tim got sprayed for nothing, which makes it all funnier.

***Update part 2***

The "Tundra Drums" called. They are a newspaper for out here and wanted to ask a few more questions for a story. hahaaha

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