Saturday, October 25, 2008


Chalk up another first for me today...changing oil on something. To make it a little more enjoyable, I waited for 15 degree weather. Thank you Yamaha for putting the oil filter in a near impossible location. Oil filter... I look forward to getting you out again next spring. On a happy note, nothing broke...nothing is leaking...things seem to be working I now a mechanic?

On another note. I read this story on msn

Speaking from experience (last spring we flew in to Ketchikan) that landing on an island was extremely confusing. As of now, you have take a ferry across...which they don't tell you...and you have to pay for it. The article is also correct about Ketchikan being built on mountains. The town just goes straight up.

So I agree with the a bridge...or tell people to take the ferrry. (We tried to call a cab, first. Would have been over a hundred dollars to come get us, I guess.)

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