Sunday, October 26, 2008


Milt and I heard about a herd of 30 caribou about 7-8 miles from the village last night from some students. So we got up early this morning and headed out with the 4-wheelers. We drove to the end of the road and then took the trail for about 4 miles up the river. The trail and ponds we crossed were frozen really well. Now, Milt is self-diagnosed as blind and as we were moving up the trail there was a caribou just standing off the trail about 150 yards to the south. Milt was in lead and didn't see it, so I threw the 4-wheeler into 5th gear and raced to catch up with him. As I got closer I yelled and he slowed down, looked back at me pointing and realized there was a caribou right there. We got off and and watched as the caribou just trot right up to within about 75 yards. Milt took one shot, dropped it and we were done. Probably about as easy as it gets. I likened it to going to the grocery store easy. Shoot, we were home by noon. It was a young caribou and should be really tasty too.

Gonna try this again next weekend.

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  1. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Sounds like shootin' ducks on a pond