Friday, November 14, 2008

My mom sent us a box of leaves last week . Just leaves. Fourth year in a row too! I took them around today and let everyone have a smell. Many good memories were brought back - Thank you mom

Tomorrow morning John Teddy Roberts is taking me upriver a couple of miles to Ice Fish/Fly fish depending on how the ice is. Dolly Varden and Rainbows are the prize. Should be interesting if we get a chance to fly fish in the snow. I will take the video camera and try to get some video.

John took me out the other night ice fishing right here next to town. Fish were not there, but learning the techniques was good. The first step is to find a big rock. Next, put that rock in a sock and put some salmon eggs from the summer in the sock on top of the rock. Tie the sock at the top and attach a length of string. After chopping some holes drop the sock into a hole and tie it off at the top. Albert our secretary and professional fishing guide during the summer calls it "cheating" not chumming.

That's all for now. Later

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