Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sundog Update

Per Grace:

In Yup'ik, akerta-gguq aliimatengqertuq (the sun has gloves on).

nengllipiaqatarluni (both hands).

Per Emma:

Interpretation: Get your parka out, it's going to be cold.

Two days later we had the exact same scene. So maybe they are not that rare. Fog mixed with sun low on the horizon: Sundog weather

Also, it was cold.

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  1. Anonymous1:06 AM

    Hi from an Outsider in St. Louis, who discovered your blog via the ADN's story on your awesome Hallelujah video.
    I LOVE this expression for how cold it is! Makes a lot more sense than my dad's favorite-- "The hawk is out."
    My parents grew up in Idaho, where we spent summers when I was growing up. We (my dad & 4 brothers) did the Al-Can highway from Idaho in 1972, on a glorious 3 wk camping trip- up to Fairbanks, then down to Denali, Kenai & Anchorage, then back via Dawson. That was back when the Al-Can was still all gravel & zig-zagging (as it was built in WWII to protect truck convoys from potential strafing from enemy fire; luckily, the war never got farther than the Aleutians.)
    I've taught in inner-city schools here & I am in absolute awe of your moving from Neb. to the Arctic to teach!
    -Mary K.