Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Now taking donations...

not really, but seriously, what's up.

The need to buy right away if we are going to stay here for a long time list:

Bear Gun (protection)
Yamaha 40 Jet
Aire Travler

This motor is designed to run in shallow water. It has no prop. Sucks the water in and shoots it out the other end, pushing you to a little slice of heaven. Upriver that is. This is #1 on the list at the moment.This is the Aire Traveler. Floating down the Kanektok or Arolik seems like the ultimate to me. I don't know why. If enough of you would come up, I might consider a larger raft.
Now if Steph would stop buying stuff...these would be real pictures, like on our porch real.

Book your reservations now for prime dates. I have almost bought the plane tickets for coming up a month early this summer. So anytime after July 6th and you got yourself a vacation. I'm not joking on this...we would love to have visitors.

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