Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Simms Fishing - Kanektok River - Quinhagak, AK

Here is a video that I found on youtube. I'm sure they won't mind the link here - more advertising for them. This is the river that is about 100 yards away. It's rough, I know. The guide service that is being interviewed is called Alaska West. There is another one is called Duncan Brothers. Give them a look on the google, there are some good pictures.

In other news, Leelando (my dad) will be making the trip up with me in July. We are coming early to hopefully hit the end of the King salmon run. We will be enjoying 20 hours of sunlight and 24 hours of fishing a day for the 10 days he is here.

Side note: I like how the guy calls Quinhagak "Strange, God forsaken, end of the earth". While it does seem like the "end of the earth" sometimes, I wouldn't say "God forsaken". Fishing is too good. ;-)

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  1. Anonymous11:28 PM

    Hi Jim,
    "Sunlight". I have fished the kanektok for about fourteen years now, floating from the headwaters for two weeks each time. I just got back on the eighteenth. We saw rain, heavy wind, cold, and clouds.
    That said, the fishing was excellent. The Rainbow seem to get bigger each year, and we see less Kings.
    It's an awesome river.
    Phil Romans