Friday, March 20, 2009

(TMI) Too much information - I used to say "Don't go there", but that was so yesterday

Here is our new communal honeybucket. Nice huh? What happened to the old one, you ask?? Well, it was really full and froze on one cold Alaskan night. You know what happens when liquids (some solids) freeze, they expand and crack their old disgusting containers.

We didn't have this beauty for about 2 weeks after that. So...I was hauling the goods down the road, maybe 4-5 hundred yards away. I didn't want to walk that far, so I drove the 4-wheeler. The bucket was in the rack on the front of the Big Bear. So I was wafted with that the whole way. Lovely.

(You know what's in those buckets...popsicles)

(New car shine...but a new car smell???