Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Eskimo Ice Cream (akutaq)

Here is a picture of eskimo ice cream. The black stuff is blackberries tundra stlye and the white stuff is sugar and crisco whipped together by hand, no mixer, hand. Somethimes they even put tiny pieces of white fish in the mix. They have many different family recipes, but my favorites are salmonberry and blackberry. To eat, all you need is a spoon. They don't put akutaq on anything, just straight out of the container. Usually they eat after a good steam with some juice to rehydrate or out on a hunt. They consider it desert.



  1. This is a test.

  2. Chris Watts2:16 AM

    From now on when I lay down at night I will thank God for giving us Cold Stone and Dairy Queen. You are a true adventurer to eat that stuff. I can't even bring myself to eat hospital food.

  3. Anonymous11:58 AM

    I finally accessed your site! Yeah!

    I am just now determining which posts to comment on and the one on "Eskimo Ice Cream" (akutaq) is the first one to cause me to comment. In your description of the ingredients, did you "correctly" list CRISCO? I'm sorry, but it is hard for me to imagine CRISCO (now matter how it is whipped, even with the industrial mixer in the high school cafeteria) being eatable in anything other than backed pie crust. Please advise if this was an error. I still contend that you should consider becoming a writer. Thanks for sharing your adventures. Please tell Steph hi for me. I will comment further in the future. God bless you both! Clark Reese