Friday, November 10, 2006

Tundra Plants

Here is a just a sample of the many plants that grace the tundra.

#1 - Overhead view of a horse tail (tayaruq) - Use it in yupik soup or the eskimo ice cream. It grows along the edge of the water.

#2- Tall Cottongrass (Pikniq) - eat the roots either raw or boiled.

#3 - Overhed of Kipnuk - Notice all the water. Bering Sea top - River right - Shallow ponds everywhere else.

#4 - This reed is weaved with drying Tomcods or Flounders.

#5 - Black Alpine Bear Berry (Kavlak) - don't eat. They are not sweet.


  1. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Wow! Thsoe are very nice pictures. I think you have developed a new hobby. I think the overhead shot of the horse tail is really cool. Talk to you soon, love Dad B.

  2. Are you coming home for Christmas?

  3. yeah we get home the 23rd and leave the 13th of January.